Paying by Wire Transfer

If You Choose to Pay by Wire Transfer or ACH:

  1. Determine the proper wire transfer amount:

    Your bank may charge you a wire transfer fee.  Please add that fee to the program fee so that our program is paid in full.   For example, if the transfer fee is $5, you need to add $5 to the total wire transfer amount.   Failing to add this amount means you have not fully paid your program fee.

    The bank might give you the option to “split fees” instead of paying the fee in full.  Again, please pay the wire transfer fee in full - please do not choose “split fees.”

  2. Include Identifying Reference Information (this is REQUIRED by Yale!):

    “Bioethics Summer Program” + your name

  3. Specify Bank Name:

    Bank of America 100 West 33rd Street
    New York, NY 10001

  4. Specify ABA and/or Swift:

    ABA Number for Wire Transfer only: 026009593
    ABA Number for ACH only: 011900571 
    SWIFT Number: BOFAUS3N (International only)


  5. Specify Account Information:

    Account Title: Yale University
    Account Address: 77 Prospect St.
    Account Number for all Wire Transfers: 0050296726 
    Account Number for ACH: 0050296726