Race, Bioethics, and Public Health Project

Compiled by Roberto Sirvent, JD, PhD

           The “Race, Bioethics, and Public Health” project aims to provide an online resource library for students, researchers, practitioners, and other members of the community working at the intersection of bioethics, public health, and racial justice. The online archive offers a representative sample of scholarly and popular literature not commonly included in traditional bioethics curricula. By centering the perspectives of communities most impacted by structures of domination, the “Race, Bioethics, and Public Health” project draws primarily from the fields of Black feminism, Africana studies, decolonial thought, queer of color critique, and critical ethnic studies. Readings examine topics ranging from reproductive justice, clinical ethics, and access to health care to environmental justice, biopolitics, artificial intelligence and other medical technologies.

Reproductive Justice

Clinical Ethics

Community Health and Access to Health Care

Prisons, Policing, and Premature Death

Structural Racism and Mental Health

Environmental Justice


Artificial Intelligence and Medical Technologies

Additional Scholarly Journals to Consult:

Disability and the Global South

 Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health


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