Q: Where should I live, and how much will it cost?

A: We recommend that you stay in Yale dorms, but a summer sublet from a Yale graduate student/faculty member is also an option that some of our participants may like.

Q:  I don’t want to live in a dorm, and I have ample funding for housing. What might you suggest? 

A: In this case, we recommend you search on Sabbatical Homes .  This website might also have affordable options; we encourage you to check and see.

Q: What are the different neighborhoods like?

A: Click here for a map that explains the nearby neighborhoods in terms of safety, access to cafes, and so on.

Q: What if I have a few days before my lease starts - is there an inn near the Center?

A: Yes, for short stays, The Oden House may be a good option. It is just 4 blocks from the Center. 

Q: How much is Yale Housing?

A: Yale housing means living in a dorm, and 2019 costs were approximately $2,960 for a shared room and $3,990 for a single room (2019 rates were $54/day for double occupancy, and $71.50/day for single occupancy; 2023 rates will be similar and will be released soon).  Rooms are supplied with a bed, desk, and chair. No linens or pillows are provided, but a “linen pack” can be purchased for an extra fee. Meal plans can be purchased from Yale as well, as dorm rooms do not have kitchens, but most students who stay in the dorms do not elect the meal plan and prefer to eat at various local cafes and restaurants.

Q: What are the Yale dorms like? 

A: In summary, some participants prefer dorms because they are right on campus. There are no kitchen facilities in the dorms. Dorms are about a 5-minute walk from the Center and our classrooms.  Sublets are also quite close, ranging from a 5- to 20-minute walk to the Center.

Q: What are the sublets like?

A: Sublets are often fully furnished accommodations from Yale nursing, law, other graduate students, and other Yale affiliates.  They vary widely in terms of condition and price.  Some Yale affiliates may be away for the summer and are seeking a subletter. Sublets may be more affordable than Yale housing. Sublets might mean a single room in a shared house/apartment, as low as $650-$750/month, or might be an entire apartment or house.  Some apartments in the area are basic and less expensive. There are also some higher-end options with concierges and amenities.  

Q:   Can the Bioethics Center recommend any sublets?

A:  No.  We cannot vouch for any arrangments outside of the Yale dorm rooms. 

Q:   If it’s a sublet , does that mean it’s in a safe location?

A:   No.  It is up to you to make sure that the sublet is in a safe place and close to the Center (we suggest the following general geographic markers: north of Trumbull St; South of East Rock Road; east of Prospect St; and west of Orange St - please note that crime rates escalate when housing is west of Prospect St, but Prospect St itself is quite safe, and any areas directly north of the Center are, for the large part, safe.  Certain other pockets outside the listed markers can also be safe).  Please see the map we prepared for you (look at the top of this page for the link) which describes neighborhoods.

You are responsible for choosing housing that meets your personal needs, and for working directly with the tenants/landlords on terms of the lease and payment arrangements.

Q:   Should I use Craiglist? Is it safe to send a wire transfer to someone who claims to be from Yale?

A:   No.  We do not recommend Craigslist. This Facebook group may be a good option to find a sublet, but again, the Bioethics Center cannot recommend it nor can we screen private listings for you.  Yale Off-Campus Housing: Rentals, sublets, roommates, furniture | Facebook