Animal Ethics 2014-2015

Chairperson:   Susan Kopp, DVM, Bioethics Center Scholar, Professor of Health Science, LaGuardia Community College Veterinary Technology Program, City University of New York

SEPTEMBER 18 Laurie Santos,  PhD, Director, Comparative Cognition Laboratory and
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Yale University

Seminar: Primate Cognition: Three hints from the Monkey Mind that matter for Human Ethics

OCTOBER 31 One-Day Conference (open to Yale Community) 10 - 4

Ethics of Human Relations With Animals (click for event page with links to videos)

DECEMBER 4 Candace Croney, PhD, Director, Center for Animal Welfare Science and Associate Professor, Animal Behavior and Well-being, Department of Comparative Pathobiology and Dept of Animal Sciences, Purdue University

Seminar: Words matter: the implications of language choices for farm animal welfare
Public Lecture: Food fight! Factors shaping public debates and policy on animal welfare

JANUARY 22 Lisa Moses, VMD, DACVIM, CVMA, Pain Medicine Service, Angell Animal Medical Center

Seminar: Ethical Conflict at the Frontiers of Companion Animal Medicine
Public Lecture: Bioethics and Advanced Care of Companion Animals:
 Reflections from a Palliative Care Veterinarian

FEBRUARY 19 D. Eugene Redmond Jr. MD, Professor of Psychiatry and of Neurosurgery, Yale School of Medicine

Seminar: Efforts to make research with primates more humane