2021 Summer Institute in Bioethics


June 28 - July 30, 2021 

Week 1: Foundational lectures

Week 2: Reading week; no required lectures. This week will allow students time to independently focus on their seminar readings. 

Weeks 3-5:  Seminars (mini-courses) and lectures on specific topics in bioethics (below)

Program Fees

$1,600 Undergraduates
$1,700 Graduate Students
$1,800 Young Professionals
$2,100 Professionals

Program Design

The program will be offered with synchronous and asynchronous components.  During Week 1 and Weeks 3-5, our faculty will offer live (synchronous) lectures which will be uploaded for those who cannot attend in person. Our faculty will also engage with students in online discussion forums.    The program can be attended part-time or full-time; participants may request enrollment in 2 to 4 seminars. 

If a participant would like a certificate, they must participate fully in the Foundations program, required lectures (approx 5 per week), and two seminars.    This participation can be done asynchronously or synchronously.

Seminars (Mini courses)

Seminar descriptions are found here.

Students will post responses to discussion forums by Tuesday at 5 pm EST. Seminar leaders will facilitate online discussions.  Readings will largely be limited to 20 pages/week/seminar. Students who enroll in a seminar are expected to complete readings and participate in discussion forums.  We recommend that students sign up for 2-4 seminars based on their workload;  participants with part-time jobs or other responsibilities will prefer 2;  participants taking the program “full-time” should be comfortable with 3 or 4.   All required information will be online and can be completed asynchronously, but these materials are supplemented by one hour per week of a live session with the seminar leader.  During this time, students can ask questions, connect with classmates and faculty, and gain insights on the week’s materials.    These live sessions are optional but highly encouraged.   The schedule for these live sessions is:

Seminars include:

Bioethics & the Afterlives of Slavery

Clinical Ethics                                  

Ethics of Climate Change                                           

Bioethics & Law                                            

Freud, Lacan, and the Clinical Encounter

Ethics of Global Health

Policy Analysis for Bioethicists    

Ethics of Public Health                                 

Research Ethics

Ethics of Emergency Medicine                                                 


Ethics of Technology                                    

Ethics of Psychiatry

Animal Ethics Through a One Health Perspective

* Seminar schedule may change based upon last-minute emergencies. ​

Please visit this link for seminar descriptions.


Lectures will occur Monday - Friday from 10 to 11:45 am ET (including time for students to ask questions).  They will include a wide range of topics, such as:

Rural Ethics

Triage Ethics

Racial Equity in Medicine & Public Health

Pediatric Ethics

Medical Humanities

Moral Distress

Social Justice

Ethics at End-of-Life

Indigenous Communities and COVID-19

Ethics of Dementia