2018-2019 Animal Ethics

2018-2019 Yale Animal Ethics Study Group Schedule

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October 11th, 2018: Natalie Kofler PhD  Founder, Editing Nature, Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies will lead a discussion on the ethical implications of genetic engineering of animals.

November 15th, 2018: Kathryn Lord, PhD, a post-doctoral researcher on the evolution and development of animal behavior at The University of Massachusetts Medical School and The Broad Institute of MIT/Harvard will present:

“Stuck in the middle: a discussion of wolf-dog hybrids”

Dogs and wolves behave very differently towards humans. Yet, they are so similar genetically they can (and do) breed and have fertile offspring.  Some wolf-dogs are the result of intentional breeding as pets; many wolf-dogs acquired as pets are eventually relinquished or forcibly removed to sanctuaries. Others are produced in the wild when wolves struggling to find mates in disturbed habits come into contact with dogs; many wolf-dogs in the wild are culled to preserve the genetic purity of endangered species.  Given that wolf-dogs are not well suited to survive in the habitat of dogs or wolves, how should they be managed?

Dr. Lord will also present a public lecture on the Yale campus on November 15th; details TBD

December 6th, 2018: Professor Jessica Rubin, Director of Legal Practice and the Animal Law Clinic at University of Connecticut Law School will give a presentation about her role in the creation of and implementation of “Desmond’s Law”, the first law to allow legal advocates to testify on behalf of animals in cases of abuse and neglect. For more information see this story on the law: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/27/nyregion/animal-abuse-connecticut-court-advocates.html

January 24th, 2019: Dr. Steve Niemi, Director of Animal Resources at Harvard will be coming to the study group to discuss “Ethical Gaps in Pet Breed Standards”.

February, 21st, 2019: Yuka Suzuki, PhD, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Bard College and affiliated with the Environmental Studies, Africana Studies, and Asian Studies programs at Bard will join the study group to discuss her work on human-wildlife interactions in Southern Africa

March 21st, 2019CANCELLED. Rescheduled for next year. Daniel Promislow, PhD, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Washington with a research interest in the evolutionary genetics will be coming to the study group to tell us about his lab’s large and well publicized Dog Aging Project (https://dogagingproject.com/). The Dog Aging Project is the first ever nationwide study proposed to understand canine aging and consists of multiple basic research projects and a large scale citizen science project.

May 2nd, 2019: Matti Wilks, PhD of the Mind and Development Lab, Department of Psychology, Yale University will be discussing her research on the moral psychology of consumers attitudes toward cultured or lab grown meat.

Previous Chair: Joel Marks, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of New Haven.