2017 Program & Attendees

Our 2017 Class

Our outstanding 2017 class hails from 19 countries (and all continents) and represents philosophy, medicine, human rights, public health, technology, and many other fields. 

Our Program

Our Program offers over 200 contact hours as described in our Program Summary

Our 2-month summer program is packed and commences with our novel Foundations program; morning lectures, 27 afternoon seminars (“mini-courses”), a site visits the esteemed Hastings Center, special events with Dr. Joseph Fins and others, custom events at Yale museums, The Cushing Center, the Medical Historical Library, and more.

Our 2017 seminars are just as diverse as our students, and our 27 seminar leaders hail from eleven countries, including Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, France, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, and many other spots around the globe. 

A small number of participants are invited to participate in “Fast Track,” an intensive writing endeavor: during the program, students write a paper to submit to an academic journal. The goal is to complete the paper during the two-month program.  Students choose their own topic and receive 1:1 mentoring from Summer Faculty.

We concluded the Institute with participants’ poster presentations in the hallowed halls of the Medical Historical Library at Yale School of Medicine.

This will be followed, of course, by our annual banquet and events with our enthusiastic alumni.

Upon completion of the program, participants seeking credit in their sponsoring institutions will be provided with a certificate, along with a summary of the work they completed. Here is a sample Student Summary document. 

Soon, we’ll post our Morning Lecture calendar; we can’t wait to share more good news with you!