Technology & Ethics 2012-2013


Wendell Wallach, Lecturer, Yale College; Scholar, Bioethics Center


September 12 Joseph Rosenbaum, Partner & Global Chair, Advertising Technology & Media Law Practice, Reed Smith

Social and Mobile and Clouds, Oh My! The legal implication of social media

October 3 David Ropeik, Author and Consultant, Ropeik & Associates

The Risk Perception Gap: Why We Get Risk “Wrong”, and Ideas for Dealing With This Unique Risk

October 10 Danah Boyd, Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research

Privacy and Ethics in Big Data Research

November 7 Adina Roskies, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dartmouth College

Brain scans in the courtroom: Rethinking the threat

MONDAY December 10 Special Panel Discussion (click below for poster)

Terminating the Terminator: A Proposal for an Executive Order Limiting the Development of Autonomous Killing Machines

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(Caveat - sound is not very loud)

December 12 Ellen Matloff, Research Scientist in the Department of Genetics, and Director of Cancer Genetic Counseling, Yale Cancer Center/Yale School of Medicine

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Helpful, Harmful or Pure Entertainment?

January 23 Gualberto Ruaño, President and CEO, Genomas Inc.
Director of Genetics Research, Hartford Hospital

Personalizing Public Health: the Ethical Practice of Personalized Medicine

February 6 Gregory Kaebnick, Research Scholar, The Hastings Center, and Editor of the Hastings Center Report

Toward Just and Prudent Implementation of Synthetic Biology

April 10 David Keith, Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University


April 24 Andrew Light, Director, International Climate Policy, Center for American Progress, and Director, Center for Global Ethics, George Mason University

The Ethics and Governance of Geoengineering

May 1 Natasha Vita-More, University Lecturer and Producer/Host H+TV

Contested Culture of Radical Life Extension: Divergent Models & Design Options