Technology & Ethics 2009-2010


Wendell Wallach, Lecturer, Yale College; Scholar, Bioethics Center


October 7 James J. Hughes, Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Virtue Engineering

November 6  Jonathan Moreno, Professor in the Department of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania

Mind Wars


December 2 Miller Brown, Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College

The Case for Perfection: Sports and Genetic Enhancement


 January 20 Brian Scassellati, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Yale

Socially Assistive Robots

February 3 David Pogue, Technology Columnist, New York Times

Web 2.0 vs. Journalism


March 17 Dr. Janie Merkel, Director of the Yale Chemical Genomics Center

Ethical Considerations in Chemical Genomics Screening for Drug Discovery

April 14 Ron Sandler, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Northeastern University

The Value of Synthetic Organisms

April 22 Luciano Floridi,  Research Chair  in Philosophy of Information, University of Hertfordshire, and Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford

The Fourth Revolution: The impact of Information Technology on our lives

May 12  Ben Hurlbut, Post-Doctoral Fellow, STS Program, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Technologies of Representation: Public Ethics and the Human Embryo Research Debates