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In the spring of 2009, The Hastings Center and Yale University signed a Memorandum of Understanding and established the Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy. It is meant to provide mutual assistance and a variety of research and visiting scholar programs. One highlight of the new collaboration is the inclusion of Yale faculty on Hastings Center projects, and Hastings scholars on Yale projects as well as the development of new joint projects. The program allows for an annual scholarly exchange of library privileges between Yale’s library system and the Robert Morison Library at the Hastings Center, joint hosting of visiting scholars and jointly-sponsored student programs.

On April 28th 2009, the Bioethics Center and The Hastings Center celebrated their program in Ethics and Health Policy with an inaugural symposium entitled “Health Care Reform: The State of the Debate.” The symposium was moderated by Hastings Center Scholar Erika Blacksher, and panelists included Peter Swenson (Political Science, Yale), Theodore Marmor (Political Science, Yale), James Morone (Political Science, Brown), and Daniel Callahan (co-founder and Senior Scholar, The Hastings Center). The symposium began with an historical account of health reform efforts in America, then transitioned to an international comparison of health care systems, and ended with discussions of cost control and the need for both comparative effectiveness research and limits on new health technologies. The symposium was followed by a reception at which guests and staff of the Bioethics Center and The Hastings Center continued the conversation on health care reform.

An Invitation to Yale Faculty Members and Graduate Students from The Hastings Center

The Hastings Center and Yale University have established the Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy.   I am writing now to invite Yale faculty members to take advantage of two features of the program, reciprocal library privileges and participation in the visiting scholar program.

The Robert S. Morison Library

The Morison Library at The Hastings Center has a collection of some 8,500 books in the area of bioethics, medical ethics, and health policy. It is one of the strongest collections in the country. The library is available for those who would like to come to the Center to make use of it. It is also available for the lending of books to Yale faculty members. For information on the holdings of the library, go to our website: http://the.scoolaid.net/bin/home. If you would like us to loan you a book, please contact the Library Assistant at 845-424-4040, ext.256, or library@thehastingscenter.org.


The Hastings Center has a Visiting Scholars program and a Visitors Program. The Visiting Scholars program is available for stays at Yale’s Interdiscplinary Center for Bioethics from 1-8 weeks. The Visitors Program is for those who want to spend just a few days at the Center. The Center will make its apartments available free to faculty members for both long and short stays.

The Center is located at a particularly lovely spot on the Hudson River, directly across the river from West Point. Nearby are some charming towns, many hiking trails and some museums. Those who come as individuals will share a kitchen and living room with other visitors. One of the apartments is suitable for a couple, with its own kitchen.

Whether for a short or long stay, we ask everyone to fill out an application form, mainly to allow us to allocate the apartment space efficiently. If you are interested in a short or long stay, please contact visitors@thehastingscenter.org or 845-424-4040, x203.

Further information on The Hastings Center can be had at: www.thehastingscenter.org.

Daniel Callahan


Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy