Clinical Ethics Skills and Methods: Guideposts to Navigate Uncertainties at the Bedside

Event time: 
Friday, January 25, 2019 - 8:00am to 5:15pm
Event description: 

This 1-day program in clinical ethics will feature Dr. Nancy Berlinger from the Hastings Center, Dr. Joseph J. Fins from Weill Cornell Medical College, and many other excellent speakers.  The program is intended for members of hospital ethics committees and others interested in ethical aspects of clinical medicine. Attendees will include physicians, nurses, PAs, social workers, chaplains, patient representatives, lawyers, counselors, and psychologists, along with community members who serve on ethics committees. Priority will be given to those currently serving on a hospital ethics committee or ethics task force.

Learning Objectives

During this one-day program, participants will:

  • Review the core ethical responsibilities of individuals performing hospital ethics consultation, and how to fulfill them;
  • Learn and practice methods of mediation that can be employed in a clinical ethics consultation;
  • Participate in simulations of ethics case consultations;
  • Choose from a variety of break-out sessions which shall include administration of ethics committees, latest findings on marginalized populations, the role of religion in ethics consults, and recent legal happenings impacting ethics consultations. 

Program Components & Schedule 

The program will feature mediation training, lectures by leading bioethicists, simulations of ethics case consultations, and break-out sessions on a variety of topics. All attendees will have opportunities to participate in mock case consultations. 

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